The January roundup is here! We jumped into 2023 with the same goal we live by all year round: eating more plants every day.

What’s On The Menu?

Behind The Bowl: Kale Pesto Noodles

Pesto can trace its roots all the way back to ancient Rome, but we wanted our version to stand out and decided to use kale instead of basil.

Behind The Bowl: Vegetable Bolognese

Ragù alla bolognese: from 1700s Italy to our doorsteps each week. Learn about the rich history of this hearty meal.

Behind The Bowl: Kabocha Congee Soup

The name likely originated from the Tamil word “kanji, or “boiling,” and has been made in so many different ways across various Asian countries – and the Asian diaspora – for thousands of years and counting.

Splendid Spotlight

In order to support our customers and team in the new year, we asked 3 experts for their top tips on how to improve our sleep, mindfulness, and mental health in the new year!

Dora Kamau Shares 5 Small Ways You Can Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Day

Dr. Shelby Harris' Top Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Good Food, Good Mood. The Top 5 Nutrient Deficiencies, and How They're Linked to Your Mood

What We’re Cooking

Vitamin B-Rich Recipes

Learn how to make Nutritional Yeast Mac & Cheese and Lemony Kale Hummus from our very own Customer Experience Manager, Erin!

Splendid Recipe: Tofu & Veggie Noodles

Over the next few weeks, we're saying "see you later" to our Tofu & Veggie Noodles. But have no fear! We're providing the recipe so you can still enjoy it at home.