As February comes to an end, we've got all the heart eyes for this month's recipes and updates. It may be a short month, but we're packed with yummy recipes and new exciting announcements!

What’s On The Menu?

Grain-Free Chocolatey Pear Crumble

We’ve paired our savory, satisfying Splendid Spoon Vegan Shepherd’s Pie dish with a magnificent “pair” - a pear! (and some chocolate!) And to bring the “pearing” to another level, we’ve brought our friends over at Hu Chocolate into the mix, and used their unbeatable chocolate in the recipe.

Heart Healthy Meals

Our diets play a major role in our heart health. What we eat determines our cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, and much more. We spoke with our Registered Dietitian, Johane M. Filemon, MS, RDN, CLT, to learn a bit more about what a heart healthy diet really means.

Red Lentil Dal

Our creamy and comforting Red Lentil Dal Soup is full of red lentils & immune-boosting ingredients. It contains carrots, celery, and onions, in addition to warming spices like curry powder and cumin, plus rosemary, thyme, and black pepper. It’s also become a customer favorite over the years!

Splendid Spotlight

How Black Communities Have Lead the Plant-Based Movement

The plant-based movement is not new. For centuries, prior to European colonization, African food was often meatless. Learn more about the early history of veganism in the Black community here.

What We’re Cooking

Splendid Marketplace

We're excited to announce an improved commitment-free shopping experience that we think you'll love: The Splendid Spoon Marketplace.

Previously known as On-Demand, this concept was built in 2020 to help customers stock up on plant-based meals during the height of the pandemic. Since then, we've been working hard to deliver an even easier way to go plant-based. Visit our Marketplace and enjoy a la carte shopping!

Here are a few FAQs while we have you:

1. Is there an order minimum? Yes, $95

2. Is there Free Shipping? Also, yes, when you reach $150

3. Can I order multiple bundles? Yes, yes, yes, as long as it's within our box size limit (we'll let you know)