It goes without saying that the team behind Splendid Spoon is obsessed with all things food — especially when it comes to optimizing flavor, experiencing other cultures, and building community. We live and breathe it 24-7, not just 9 to 5, and we’re beyond proud to be helping more people experience just how craveable (and convenient!) plant-based eating can be.

We also believe that food has the power to affect our quality of life: how much energy we have, how well we sleep, how confident and happy we feel, and how proud we are after a check-up at the doctor. For the majority of Americans, reaching this future means reaching very specific health goals (weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc), which is precisely why we also need to find better ways to quantify and sustain our improvements. This is where Splendid Spoon fits in.

"We believe that you can reach your health goals (and increase your quality of life) with craveable, plant-based food as your tool."
-Nicole Centeno, Splendid Spoon Founder + Co-CEO

Our nutritional standards ensure every recipe is filled with clean, plant-based ingredients that provide a great source of dietary fiber. This means that you’ll digest the food more efficiently, be less prone to snacking, and feel fuller, longer. As you incorporate more Splendid meals into your diet, you’ll experience a real change in your quality of life and health goals.

Our nutritional philosophy

Here at Splendid Spoon, we strive for balance. And while this looks different for everyone, there are a few critical places to start.

  • More plant-based
    “More” being the key word here, because it doesn’t have to be 100% plant-based. We strive for wholesome, plant-based food most of the time, but even one meal a day can make a difference both for your health and the planet. The remaining 20% is reserved (with zero judgment) for all the other foods you love to eat.
  • Less processed
    Plant-based doesn’t always mean wholesome or healthy (hello, potato chips). Most of us in the U.S. have grown up eating our fair share of processed foods, so it can be really difficult to consider eating a veggie burger, nevermind a big bowl of greens. That’s why we’re not here to say never, but less when it comes to processed foods. There can absolutely be a place for chips and Oreos during the time you aren’t eating wholesome and plant-based.
  • Small, rewarding changes
    Studies show time and again that small (and rewarding) changes are more likely to stick and become habits. Craveable flavors mean that Splendid meal times are always something to look forward to; you can make a change and feel rewarded all at once.
  • Zero judgment zone
    Your goals — BMI, blood pressure, the number on the scale — are yours and yours alone. If you have decided these numbers are not important for you, no problem! If you and your wellness professionals have decided these numbers are important for you, also great! We’re here to support you through the challenge of getting your body on the right track, and we trust you to define which goals are best for you.
  • Counting habits, not calories
    Yes, Splendid Spoon meals are naturally lower in calories than your average American meals, but what really counts is making everyday habits out of your Splendid mealtimes — which is that much easier to do when the food tastes great, fills you up, and makes you feel really, really good.

4 ways to begin eating more plant-based foods

  1. Plant-based windows (until dinner or plant-based after breakfast)
    Eating windows are helpful to develop a lasting habit. We are temporal creatures, and mapping out a day where certain meals are ‘no rules’ and others are plant-based has been a winning method for many of our customers.
  2. No-rules days
    Many of us cringe with even the slightest amount of discipline and need to know there is a safe space to be totally uninhibited. Start by mapping out your “no-rules days” over the course of a month — maybe you’ve got a full-day tailgate filled with ribs and wings or a big celebration coming up. Give yourself one ‘no-rules’ day every week throughout the month, then add a bonus day (five total days per month). The rest of the month, you’re plant-based. We suggest keeping Splendid stocked in your freezer for those plant-based days when you can’t be bothered to make choices.
  3. Plant-based weekdays
    Another version of the eating windows, but you’re 100% plant-based during the week, and 50% of your meals are plant-based over the weekend.
  4. Swap it
    Does going all-in on plant-based food feel overwhelming or unrealistic? Even swapping out one meal a day makes a difference. Pick the meal that you want the most help with, and make it Splendid. Stick to that meal swap for at least four weeks and see how you feel!

To learn more about our recipe development process, nutritional philosophy, and menu selection, refer to the Official Guide to Spooning. Still have questions? Feel free to shoot us an email or a message on Facebook. We’re human, promise.