After immigrating to the United States in the ‘70s and starting as a lowly little restaurant in downtown Portland, Lucky Foods is the delightful maker behind the sensational spring rolls featured in our new Coconut Curry Rice and Kimchi Fried Quinoa Dishes. The delicious curried and veggie-packed rolls feature gluten-free wrappers and fresh ingredients in a tasty, crunchy mouthful of tastebud-tingling goodness.

Evolving into a successful family-owned-and-operated manufacturer and business, Lucky Foods aims to showcase their culture and multi-generational recipes through the food that they know, love, and artfully craft. Prioritizing natural ingredients and easy-prep, their high-quality products span a wide range of Asian foods from kimchi to pickled ginger to Korean-style pancakes and sauces.

“Our spring rolls are each hand-rolled and filled only with farm-fresh ingredients, are certified non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and Kosher.”

Lucky Foods highlights foods that are culturally significant, easy to prepare, and healthful all in one - and we think that’s just splendid! Find Lucky Foods curried and veggie spring rolls perfectly complementing our Coconut Curry Rice and Kimchi Fried Quinoa.