With food space trends spotlighting whole, natural ingredients within the plant-based universe, we are honored to introduce our new partner - Abbot’s Butcher - who rely on 100% real food, intentionally sourced ingredients to provide deliciously flavorful meat alternatives that are powerfully simple.

Giving new pizazz, spice, and depth to our Naked Burrito Bowl - the more sophisticated, hearty glow up of our fan favorite Brown Rice Taco Bowl - Abbot’s “chorizo” stays true to the brand’s mission: to provide the cleanest plant-based meat on the market.

While on her own autoimmune health journey, founder and CEO Kerry Song correlated an exacerbation of her symptoms with the ultra-processed ingredients found in many meat alternatives. So instead of giving up the foods she loves, she made it her mission to create a new product that not only tasted great, but made her feel great as well - all starting humbly from her own kitchen on Abbot Kinney Street in Venice, CA.

“We are the only brand that does not use natural or artificial flavors, inflammatory oils, colors or preservatives, or any of the top nine allergens (including gluten and soy),” the Abbot’s team tells us with pride. “We're not a veggie patty—our foods still have a hearty, meaty bite—but we attain that by using 100% real food ingredients. We're creating a new category - we're moving away from technology and returning food back to the kitchen, where we think it belongs.”

Using pea protein as the base for most of their products, Abbot’s carries a delicious line of meats from Ground “Beef” to Chopped Chick’n, and of course their savory, mouth-watering “Chorizo”. They’re versatile, they’re ethically sourced, and they’re deeply rooted in their mission to build a more meaningful connection with the food that we eat. Find Abbot’s “chorizo” showcased in our Naked Burrito Bowl.