Hi everyone! Audrey here, Splendid Spoon's resident vegan baker, here to walk through some simple vegan baking substitutes.

Let's talk eggs! There are tons of other ingredients that you can use as a binder in your baking. Here are 3 of our favorite egg replacements.

1. Flax Eggs

Measure 1 TBSP of ground flaxseed and mix it with 3 TBSP of water. Let it sit for a bit and you have the equivalent of 1 egg! Flax Eggs are my personal favorite replacement to use in my muffin recipes.

2. Buttermilk, but make it vegan

I'm a soy girl, but any milk substitute will do. Mix your choice of milk with lemon juice or vinegar to make your own buttermilk! Let it sit for a bit to curdle. This ingredient makes my coffee cake perfectly fluffy and delicious.

3. Egg Replacement Powder

It's super easy to make your own little concoction similar to the Flax Egg by mixing this with water! It can provide a quick fix for any recipe involving eggs, like a chocolate chip cookie!

No eggs? No problem. Happy baking!

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