Greetings Spoon Crew - it has been a long-time coming, but we are ready to reveal a new and improved subscription experience. As with all change, there are a few tradeoffs, but we think that you’ll be pleased with our updates overall. Here’s what you’ll see:

New and Improved - Check Out Our Favorite New Features

  • Flexible Delivery Cadence: You can now select how frequently you want to receive a Splendid delivery. Choose from to receive your box every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. We’ll continue to email you a reminder as we begin to prepare your order so you can edit, skip or reschedule.
  • Simplified scheduling: You only need to manage your next upcoming order. If you want to skip deliveries for a few weeks, just reschedule your next order to a later date. No need to skip/unskip many weeks in advance. 
  • More Time to Edit: You now have more time to edit your box. Change up meals and delivery schedule closer to your actual delivery date. Check your account for your new order editing cut-off date.
  • Set it and Forget It: For those of you who know what you love and prefer the same box each week – we got you. If you don’t edit your box you will receive the same meals as your previous order. Keep an eye on your inbox and our socials to stay up to date on new flavors – we’ll leave it to you to make changes.
    • Note: you no longer have the ability to manage orders beyond your upcoming delivery. If you have been in the habit of changing the contents of your box several weeks in advance you will need to hop into your account before each delivery to do so.
  • Substitutions: Sometimes our kitchen can’t keep up with demand, and there will be occasions when a meal goes out of stock after you have ordered it. Starting June 2024 on the East Coast, out of stock meals will be substituted with a meal that’s already in your box. Orders outside of the East Coast will receive a refund for the missing meal.
  • Shots on Repeat: Our beloved shots are now available as a subscription! Order in 5-unit bundles and never have a day without a boost from these superfood shooters.
  • Passwordless Account management: You’ve got enough on your mind, and we’re doing away with passwords. Now, to sign in to your account, you’ll enter your email or phone number, and we’ll shoot you a code to access your account. This method is more secure, plus - it’s one less thing for you to remember.

Okay, lay it on me - What will I miss from the old system?

  • Allergens and avoidances - Our old system would automatically hide any meals with your allergens and avoidances to prevent you from adding them to your box. In the new system, you can filter the meals for your allergens and avoidances as you shop, but we are not able to hide the associated meals entirely from the menu -- if you forget to use the filters, you will see and be able to select any meal (including those with an allergen or avoidance). This means you should take a good look at your first delivery to ensure your default menu only includes the meals you want, and be sure to use the allergen and avoidance filters when trying new meals.
  • Meal Likes/Dislikes - With the new ‘set it and forget’ method, you do not need to heart your favorites or thumbs-down disliked meals in order to influence your box contents and our suggestion algorithm. Instead, it will be up to you to try new meals, otherwise you’ll continue to receive what was in your last delivery.

We’ve Got Your Back - FAQ

  • Do I need to do anything with my credit card or delivery details? No! Your payment method and customer credits will be automatically transferred to your account and applied to your next order. Note that any credits in your account will expire in 12 months in the new system. 
  • How do I redeem loyalty points? Loyalty points can still be redeemed for credit by emailing us at