Splendid Dishes are a multi-dimensional meal experience combining rich textures and flavors plus lots of plant-powered protein to keep you satiated for hours.

Oh, and they’re ready in minutes, giving you more time for what’s most important to you. The full meal experience, without the prep.

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Dishes are the classic meat, vegetables, and starch: reimagined. Each meal boasts 12+ grams of protein, premium ingredients, sides, and sauces. These meals will be the most satisfying moment of your day.


Creamy Korma Dish

with Basmati Rice & Fried Tofu

Fragrant, colorful, and creamy, this Indian-inspired favorite tosses browned tofu in warm spices for a satisfying and filling meal.

Korma can be linked back to 16th century Mughlai cuisine on the Indian subcontinent. This traditional dish is packed with flavor and warming spices like cumin & cardamom.

Falafel Dish

with Creamy Hummus & Tabouli

Escape to the Mediterranean with this bright, fresh, citrusy mix of protein and antioxidants. Afia falafel adds a herbaceous crunch over a mix of superfood grains and veggies, providing fiber to keep you full, and energy to keep you going.

Our Falafel is from Afia, a brand founded by Farrah Moussallati Sibai, that uses her mother-in-law’s traditional Syrian recipes. The Traditional Falafel boasts a dynamic medley of garbanzo beans, onions, and parsley seasoned with Mediterranean herbs & spices. Learn more about Afia here!

Roasted Cauliflower & Falafel

with Za’atar & Lemon Tahini Sauce

Welcome your palette to the Middle East with this aromatic, toasty combo of cauliflower and crunchy Afia falafel. This new favorite balances the sweetness of dates with savory tahini and spices giving this hearty grain bowl a fragrant kick.

In addition to Afia Falafel, this Dish is loaded with flavor and spices. Za’atar is a flavorful Middle Eastern spice blend with immune boosting benefits. It also contains Tahini which is loaded with antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation.  

Roasted Tomato Risotto Dish

with Garlicky White Beans

A rich, (vegan) cheesy, slow-cooked-for-you dish, this rice is packed with protein and fiber to satisfy your tastebuds from the shores of Italy.

That cheesy flavor you’ll taste in this Dish isn’t just your imagination, we’ve included Violife Just Like Mozzarella Shreds to give you plant-powered, cheesy goodness in every bite. Violife has been making vegan cheese products (and more) for over 30 years. Made in Greece, all of their foods are free from: dairy, lactose, GMO, gluten, nuts, soy, preservatives, and cholesterol.
This Dish also features vegetable broth, which is upcycled from farm surplus and fresh-cut remnants by Matriark. Matriark is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing access to healthy food.

Vegan Chick’n Parm Dish

with Red Lentil Penne & Green Beans

Experience the comfort of chicken parm, powered by plants. This rich, fiber-filled meal gives a whole-foods hug to this traditional favorite.

Sorry, Grandma, we’ve got a new favorite chicken parm recipe! The first written recipe for chicken parm was published in the 1950s, and we’d like to personally thank whoever wrote it.

In addition to Violife Just Like Mozzarella Shreds, we partnered with Dr. Praeger’s, who have been making clean, and nutritious foods for over 25 years. Their vegan and gluten free Chickenless Chicken Breast contains an amazing 18 grams of plant protein.

Vegan Shepherd's Pie Dish

with Sweet Potato Mash & Brussels Sprouts

Fluffy antioxidant-rich sweet potatoes envelop a meaty blend of mushrooms and greens. An umami explosion that will make you forget your old Shepherd's Pie and have you reaching for more.

Have questions or just want to dish with us? Reach out at hello@splendidspoon.com!