It’s fall back time which means you get one extra hour in your day. The question is... what to do with this newfound free time? Fear no more. We’ve got you covered with a list of 23 things to do that are not meal prepping. No cooking utensils required!

  1. Call your friend who lives across the country and just had a new baby
  2. Clean the wilted kale and moldy bread out of the back of your fridge
  3. Take a bath. Add all the bubbles
  4. Finally return that item thats been sitting in the trunk of your car for a month
  5. Start your next guilty pleasure. May we suggest Killing Eve?
  6. Give meditation a go (try this app!)
  7. Respond to that email you’ve been avoiding all week
  8. Troll Twitter
  9. Eat snacks. Lots of them.
  10. Go to the gym and watch Ellen DeGeneres the whole time
  11. What’s that new filter everyone’s been using? Try it.
  12. Visit an Animal Shelter. Not our fault if you come home with a new BFF
  13. Tackle the mound of laundry in your closet. Folding and putting away can wait
  14. Water that plant in your living room and pray it’s not too late to revive it
  15. Hang out with a friend who lives nearby
  16. Take a walk… or just go outside
  17. Get a manicure
  18. Watch dog videos on Instagram. @tuckerbudzyn is an Instagram star
  19. … what’s Kim K been up to?
  20. Create a playlist... or just listen to this one
  21. Catch up on the dishes overflowing in the sink
  22. Take one look at the dishes and double check your Splendid Spoon delivery is on the way
  23. Or… you could just get an extra hour of sleep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯